Edit the submit and decline button

In evenito you have the possibility to individually name the confirmation button for the "registration" as well as the "deregistration" button in the registration form.

Click on one of the two buttons to edit the naming:

Edit the submit and decline button1

On the left hand side you have the option of customising the name of the "decline/deregister" button, while on the right hand side you can edit the name of the "submit/register" button.


The order of the buttons, i.e. deregistration on the left and registration on the right, cannot be changed. For this reason, make sure that the buttons are named correctly!

Click on the desired button and enter your customised name in the text field.

You would like to hide the decline button in the registration form? To do this, remove the name from the button and leave this field empty, this way the button will not be displayed in the registration form on the website.