Basic settings of the event


evenito allows you to define the basic information of your event. In addition to the event name, the description and the date, you can also define the maximum number of participants and activate various functions.   

Event name & description


In the "Basic Settings" section, you first determine the event name before you go to the "Event Description" section. In the "Event description" you can tell your participants what they can expect during your event.

Furthermore, the start and end dates of the event are required. You can specify this with a time in each case. The last thing you can do is specify the time zone, in which your event will take place.

With the help of the maximum number of participants you determine how many participants may register for your event.


Using the drop down menu under "Languages" you have the possibility to add further languages. Use the button "Set as default" to define which is your main language.

Please note that depending on the language you choose to use for your Event Website you use, you have to enter the respective translation. Through the icons below you can see when a translation is needed.


If you click on the language switcher, a drop down will open where you can select and switch to the desired language and switch to it. You can choose between English, German, French and Italian.

Please note: the languages to be selected here are the event languages. Event languages are the languages in which your communication and website will be played out to your participants. They are not to be confused with the system language, which you store in your user profile.

As soon as you have successfully deposited the translation, the colour of the multilingual symbol changes from red to green.


You can find these on the right-hand side under "Functions". You can activate the following functions:

Once you have activated the functions, they will be displayed as tabs in the navigation.

Finally, click on "Save changes" in the top right-hand corner so that your changes are will be applied.


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