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evenito allows you to define, structure and manage all your to-dos. Your defined tasks are clearly displayed in the Event Centre and allow you to jump directly to the corresponding area or menu item. 

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At Event Centre you define your tasks. Click on the plus sign at the top right to create a new task.

First define the name of your task. Then set the due date by which you would like to complete this task. Using the drop down on the right you can determine which area your task falls into (e.g. Contacts).

There is no limit to the number of tasks.

Tasks in the Timeline

In the overall your created tasks are listed on the left side of the timeline. Correspondingly, they will be placed in the middle of the timeline, according to the date you have set.

Using the drop down to the left of the plus sign, you can select which tasks are to be tasks are displayed in the overview:

  • Open tasks
  • Completed tasks
  • Show all tasks

Tasks that still need to be processed can be clearly displayed or marked as completed.  

As soon as you have completed a task, simply click on the checkbox. The task is automatically placed at the end of the list in the "Show all tasks" view.


Convert, edit or delete tasks

If you want to tackle a task you have defined, click on the desired task. You will be taken directly to the relevant menu item.

To make adjustments to an existing task or to delete it, move the mouse pointer over it. The following icons appear on the right-hand side: Bildschirmfoto_2020-06-26_um_10.18.54.png

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