Contacts overview (display, filter and export)


evenito offers you an overview of your recorded contacts (invited guests/participants) under "Contacts". You can define your own settings in the overview so that you can edit, filter and sort your contacts as you wish.

Contacts overview

In the menu item Contacts you will get an overview of all your contacts and their contact information. This overview allows you to select your contacts for certain actions or to edit their details.

Filter contacts

To help you keep track of your contacts, you can filter your contact list in evenito with a user-defined filter.

In the search field, you can use keywords (e.g. first name, last name, company) to search for the contact you want.


Click on "Show filter" to open the specific filter settings.

Use "Search" to define the contact information that should be filtered. To do this, select the desired information in the dropdown using the checkbox.

Please note

To start the search, at least 2 letters or numbers must be entered. For example, if you want to search for the table number 1, please enter it as "01" in the tool.

By default, the information first name, last name and e-mail are predefined. If you want to add further fields, proceed as in the article Setting and editing contact information.

Under "Belongs to groups", you can further specify group affiliation(s), e.g. VIP, Speaker, o. e.g. VIP, Speaker, etc.

The groups must also be added first. You can find further information can be found in the article Define Groups.

Since contacts can belong to more than one group, you can define groups in the 2nd dropdown (behind "Belongs to groups"), you can define how the group membership should be applied. You have the following options:

  • One of the groups: Contact belongs to one of the defined groups
  • All groups: Contact belongs to all groups
  • Exact matches: Contact belongs exactly to the defined groups 

In addition, you can also filter your contacts according to their registration status and their check-in status (currently refers to the implementation of virtual events with evenito connect). 

As soon as you have defined the filter settings, the desired contact list will be displayed.


Hover over the description above your contact list to sort your contact list in evenito.


An arrow appears to the right of the description. If you click on this arrow, the list is automatically sorted according to the selected description (in the example, surnames).

  • Arrow up: sort by AZ
  • Down arrow: sort by ZA

Define display of column contents

You only want to display certain contact information and additional questions in your overview?


Then click on the right in the corner of the description bar, above your contact list, click on the pencil icon.

The list will now show all contact information and event-related additional questions. Use the checkboxes to determine which information is displayed in your overview.


Move the mouse pointer over the information to change the arrangement in the overview.

Please note: This setting is personal and will not be applied to other users in your organisation.

Export contacts

To export the contacts, click on the download button in the top right corner "mceclip0.png". The export is an Excel file (.xlsx) with all information per contact.

The filters are not taken into account for the export.

You can find more information on exporting in the article: Export contacts incl. check-ins & check-outs

Next steps: Edit contact details.


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