Adapt contact information, participant answers and registration status


Edit contact details

You can view and manually edit your participants' contact information and answers at any time. To do this, first click on the contact you want to edit and then on the edit pen (on the right).


Then open the contact profile in which you can make the desired changes.

Where can I find the individual token?

You need the token of a participant? You can find it within the contact information mask on the right-hand side below the "Registration" area;


Alternatively, you can also click on the edit pencil on the far right of the line with the contact information. This will open the "Column settings" window.

Here you can now select the "Token" so that it will then appear in the bar with the contact information fields in the overview. Thereby you can see the tokens of your contacts at a glance.



Customise registration status

The registration status can be changed manually for each contact in the overview.


By clicking on the "pending" sign on the left, the drop down will appear for adjusting the registration status appears. The following status can be defined per contact.

  • Pending: The contact is neither logged in nor logged out.
  • Registered: The contact is registered for the event.
  • Registered out: The contact is not taking part in the event.

If you manually change the status of a participant, for example by selecting the status "Registered" or "Deregistered", you can decide in the next step whether you want to send the e-mail of the type "Registration confirmation" or "Deregistration confirmation" to the participant by clicking on "Confirm & send" in the information window that opens.
If you select the button "Confirm & do not send", the participant status will be changed accordingly, but no communication will be sent.


Please note: In order for the emails to be sent, you must have the registration confirmation and/or decline confirmation to be set up in the Menu item Messages.

These e-mails are also triggered if the participant makes changes their data in the registration form. Use the placeholder "Registration Summary" in the placeholder manager, to clearly list the participant responses in the confirmation email. In this way, the participant also receives a confirmation with the new data after the changes have been made.

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