View and edit contact details (personal information, participant responses, relationships, logs, login status)

In this article, we'll show you how to view and edit the personal contact information, event-specific participant responses, and relationships within a contact, as well as review the participant's activity using the logs. In addition, the article describes how you can customize the login status.

View and edit contact details

You can view the contact information and responses of your participants as well as their corresponding relationships at any time and change them manually. First select your preferred contact in your overview list by hovering over this contact. Then click on the edit pen on the right side.

Now all stored and saved contact-specific information will open, divided into the tabs "Details", "Registration" or (from the companion's point of view) "Personal information companion", "Relationships" and "Logs".



Under "details" you will find on the left side in the "Personal" section all contact information fields and corresponding information deposited by you and/or filled in by the contact during registration.

These can be edited by clicking on the respective text field or drop-down menu and saved with the "Save & return" button at the top right.

On the right side in the "Registration" section you will find the following information:

  • Groups: All groups that were assigned to a contact by you during manual creation or Excel import and also those groups that the contact may have received through the groups in the registration form when answering questions.

Please note:

If you do not assign a specific group to a contact in advance when creating or uploading through your Excel list, these contacts will automatically end up in the fallback group.
  • Token: The personal, individual token of the contact, which is mandatory for identification and personalization. This token is generated automatically when you upload your Excel list or when you manually create a contact, as well as when the contact fills out the registration form for a public registration.

Please note:

We recommend you to use the tokens that the tool generates automatically. You also have the possibility to define the personal token manually during the first creation or upload. For security reasons, you must make sure to use a secure token, e.g. one that consists of an unrelated sequence of letters and numbers. Once a contact has been created with an automated and/or personalized token, the token can no longer be edited.
  • Group token: If the contact used a group token to register, the corresponding group token is displayed here.

Please note

If a group token is used for registration, the contact will also always receive the group of the corresponding token that you previously linked.



In the "Registration" tab you will find the registration form of the contact, including all contact information fields and defined additional questions, in the order specified in the "Registration" navigation item. If you have already filled in data for the contact, or if the contact has registered via the website, all answers will be displayed here.

These information can be edited by clicking on the respective text field or dropdown menu and saved with the "Save & back" button at the top right.

Please note:

For contacts who have been registered as companions, this tab is called "Personal information companion" and displays all the contents of the registration form for companions that you have previously set up.

Heads up!

If you have activated the decline form in the menu item "Registration" and a contact has deregistered for your event, the corresponding data from the unsubscribe form will be displayed here instead.



In the "Relationships" tab you will find all other related contacts that are linked to this person (e.g. companions). Other relationships can be deputies or other contacts with their own individual token, provided that these functions are activated for your space.

Clicking on the respective relationship will take you to the profile of the linked contact and the text in the box will change, in this example from "is invited by" to "invites".


New relationships can be added via the plus button in the upper right corner. A new window opens and the corresponding contact can be linked in the "Related contact" dropdown. In order for a contact to be selected here, it must have already been created in the tool beforehand.


Via the "swap" button you can also change the relationship and deposit a new main guest for this contact here instead of a companion.


View the logs of a contact

The logs are the documentation of your contact's activities in this event. The logs record where, when, how and which adjustments were made.


  • The 1st column shows the date and time when adjustments were made to the contact's information.
  • Column 2 indicates where the adjustments were made or by whom.

Please note:

Changes made by an evenito user and/or the contact himself via the registration form on the website are listed under the user name "Website (Open API)".

  • Column 3 shows what type of editing has been done, e.g. "Contact edited".
  • The last column shows in detail which changes have been made and where.

Adjust registration status

The login status can be changed manually for each contact in the overview.


By clicking on the "Pending" symbol on the left side, the dropdown for adjusting the registration status appears. The following status can be defined per contact.

  • Pending: The contact is neither registered nor deregistered.
  • Registered: The contact is registered for the event.
  • Declined: The contact does not participate in the event.

If you manually change the status of an attendee, for example by selecting the status "Registered" or "Declined", in the next step you can decide whether you want to send the attendee the "Registration Confirmation" or "Decline Confirmation" e-mail by clicking "Confirm & Send" in the information window that opens.
If you select the button "Confirm & don't send", the participant status will be changed accordingly, but no communication will be sent out.


Please note:

In order for the e-mails to be sent, the registration confirmation and/or decline confirmation must be set up by you in advance in the menu item Messages.

These e-mails are also triggered if the participant himself makes changes to his data in the registration form. Use the placeholder "Registration summary" in the placeholder manager to list the participant responses clearly in the confirmation e-mail. This way, the participant also receives a corresponding confirmation with the new data after the changes have been made.

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