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Evenito allows you to define the information fields of your contacts that are relevant for your event. You can (re)name the contact fields, define if they are required and define individual values for your columns.

To edit your contact fields, open the settings via the settings icon. ().


Please note that the following settings are independent of the registration form. They serve you (as the event organiser) for the overview and completeness of your contact list. If you would like to set up your registration form, then the following article will help you: Registration Form.

Add contact fields

As soon as the window has opened, you can add the predefined contact fields. Search for the field you want in the drop down or use the keyword search. Click on the desired field to add it. Then automatically appears in the overview.

If you want to add a user-defined field, enter the desired name of the field in the search. evenito will show you that the field is user-defined and you can then add it. See example (dress size):


Once you have added all your fields, you can further define them in the bottom part. 

Edit contact fields

Hover over the desired field for further editing. On the right-hand side you will see the following editing options:


First, define whether the field is required or optional. To change the setting select the button. If you mark a contact information as required, the font colour in the overview changes to red.

Please note: the setting of the field's requirement, is not automatically adopted in the registration form. The setting only defines whether the information has to be deposited with a contact (by the event organiser) when creating a contact. 

Change the naming of the field by clicking on the icon Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-27_um_08.19.10.png.


Not every field may be renamed. It is important that you do not, for example, use the predefined field "E-mail" for something else, as this is the contact information to which every email is sent.

Please note that after changing the setting, you save it by selecting the Save check mark.

Using the gear iconyou can define further settings per field. 


The following field type options are available to you:

  • Short text: freely definable short text.
  • Long text: freely definable long text
  • Single-select: you can already define the contents of the selection. For this purpose, answer fields are displayed in the lower area in which you can enter the possible values. Only one of the defined values can be stored in the contact. See the example of salutation: only one of these answers can be entered for the contact (in the backend by you as the event organiser) or by the contact itself (in the registration form on the website). be selected. 


  • Multi-select: compared to single-select, in this contact field several answers/contents can be stored.

Here you also have the option of defining whether the field is optional or required. 

Your stored fields are displayed by default in the contact overview. If you don't want one of them to be shown, you can hide it using the eye iconBildschirmfoto_2020-10-27_um_08.24.15.png. The settings of the field remain, even if it is not shown in the overview.

Of course, you can always remove a field using the bin iconBildschirmfoto_2020-10-27_um_08.25.08.png.

Please note

The contact information fields first name, last name and email address cannot be removed from the overview, as important components in evenito rely on this information.

This icon Bildschirmfoto_2020-08-10_um_09.31.34.png allows you to change the order of the fields. Using drag and drop, you can move the field to any position.

As soon as you have defined your relevant contact fields, you can close them using the "Save & close" button. In your overview the stored fields are now displayed in your overview.

Please note

  • The contact fields are not automatically included in the registration form. Instead, they are available to you in the drop down "Add entry" dropdown in the "Personal information" area.
  • At multilingual events it is important to check that all fields and response options are translated. You can change the language using the language switcher in the top right corner. 

Next step: Import contacts.

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