Preview and test sending of the messages


To view the preview, select the desired message under "Messages".

Click on "Send test email" in the top right-hand corner of the message. Now select a subscriber in the pop-up window, select a participant. Use the search field to explicitly select a participant by first and last name or email address. The preview is now filled in with the participant's data. So you can check whether the placeholders are displayed correctly.

Please note: The icon in front of the name of the participant shows you which language is assigned to it in the tool. In order for the e-mails to be in both languages, they first have to be converted into both languages. To do this, click on the language switcher within your message and the content, subject, sender and sender name in the respective language. 


Now you have two options:


  • Preview multiple participants: Use the arrows in the top right-hand corner to click through to the the respective previews of the individual participants.
  • Send test email: Stay with the preview you want and click on "Send test message" at the bottom. on "Send test message" below. This way you can check the email in your email inbox afterwards. in your email inbox.

Important note: The purpose of the test message is to show how the email will look to the selected subscriber.

Once you have selected a participant in the overview and clicked on "Send test message" in the preview below, this email will by default be sent to the email address that you used to log in to evenito (see User-Profile).


If you want to change the recipient, then enter your colleague in the top left of the view under "Recipient", for example. 


Next step: Select contacts for dispatch.


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