Dispatch statistics and evaluation


With evenito you can track exactly when your dispatch was carried out, whether your emails were sent successfully and whether there were hard or soft bounces.  


Once you have triggered the mailing, you will be redirected to the message statistics. The statistics show you status information about the mailing after it has been sent.


In the first column, you can see on which day and at what time the dispatch was was carried out. The progress of the dispatch is shown by the following the indication "Sent: 0/0" and the percentage in the next column.

Hard and soft bounce

The overview shows you the number of hard and soft bounces.

  • Soft bounce: the email reaches the recipient's mail server. However, the email does not reach the recipient itself. A soft bounce occurs when, for example, the recipient's the recipient's mailbox is full, the server is offline or overloaded, or the the email is too large. An automatic reply to your email can also also belong to the soft bounces.
  • Hard bounce: the email is permanently undeliverable. Reasons for a hard bounce are, for example, invalid email addresses (unknown domain name, spelling mistake, etc.). The recipient's mail server may also be blocking the sender's mail server. 

Download activities

By clicking on "Download activities" you will receive an overview of all the contacts who have received your message. This is broken down by the time of sending, email subject, recipient's email address, sending status, etc.

Message status

Want to see the status of your sent messages in the tool?


To do this, click on the aviator icon and return to the contact view. Select then select "Show filter" 


In this filter mask, you can now choose between different options in the dropdown behind "Message status":

  • Not sent
  • Created (The sending has been prepared and the message personalised. However, the message has not yet been sent).
  • Queue Bildschirmfoto_2021-08-18_um_10.31.27.png
  • Sent Vollbild_19_04_21__17_46_jpg.jpg
  • Accessed Vollbild_19_04_21__17_46_jpg.jpg
  • Soft Bounce Bild_von_iOS.jpg
  • Hard Bounce Vollbild_19_04_21__17_46_jpg.jpg
  • Unsubribed Notification_Center.png (The participant has unsubscribed from your email communication using the placeholder {{unsubscribe}}. This only applies to the specific event and will not be automatically carried over to subsequent events.)

Additional status:

  • Clicked means that the subscriber has opened the email and clicked on a link in it.
  • Generally, "deferred" implies a deferred e-mail address, i.e. the recipient's mail server temporarily refuses to deliver a message. It later becomes a "blocked" address if it cannot be delivered.
  • Proxy_open actually means "Loaded By Proxy". Mail clients have found ways to block "open tracking", such as Apple Mail. Proxy_open therefore means that the subscriber:in is using a privacy friendly client and that Sendinblue will not be able to track the actual opening.

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The symbols are always listed in the column directly in front of the contact information fields listed:


You have set the filter to "Not sent" and contacts are listed? Then select these contacts using the free-standing checkbox in the contact information bar. the contact information bar, click on "Send email" and start sending.

My emails are not being sent

Please note: your e-mail is not sent, although you have entered the subject, the sender name and the correct sender e-mail address? Please check whether you have assigned at least one group. To check this, go back to your desired e-mail and click on the cogwheel at the top right to open the settings. Now select the desired group(s) in the dropdown behind recipient.


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