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After you have created your email and sent yourself a test message, the next step is to select your recipients. To do this, you can either click on the paper aeroplane icon on the right in the overview or click on the "Select contacts" button in the email to be sent.

Select contacts

This window lists all the contacts that you have imported.

In this view, the following settings are available to you:

The search field allows you to search for a specific participant. To do this, enter either the first or last name or the email address.

You can further specify your selection via "Show filter".

  • The field search allows you to search explicitly for the fields you have defined, e.g. the language. You can regulate the selection of fields via the drop down menu.
  • With the help of "belongs to the groups" you can select your desired group(s) accordingly.
  • Using the drop down behind "belongs to the groups" you can also define define to what extent this contact must belong to the group:
    • one of the groups
    • all the groups 
    • exact match
  • For example, you want to filter only the contacts who have not yet registered for your event registered for your event or you would like to send the access data to your online event to all registered participants? Then filter in the drop down of the registration status, e.g. "pending" or "registered".
  • Your event was held successfully and you would like to send a thank-you email to all participants who attended your event? Then filter for the status "Checked in" in the drop down "Check-in status".
  • You would like to send an invitation to all latecomers who have not yet received one? Then filter the message status to "Not sent".

    After sending your communication, you can get a Shipping statistics export. Alternatively, you have the option of filtering by different statuses in the drop down "Message status" to filter by different statuses, e.g. by sent, delivered, soft bounce, hard bounce, queue.

Furthermore, the "Contacts per page" function in the bottom left-hand corner allows you to specify the number of contacts per page, which number of participants is displayed per page.

You have defined all settings? Then select your desired contacts. There are two options available to you:

  • Select all contacts at once: Click on the free-standing checkbox on the far left in the navigation above your contacts. checkbox on the far left in the navigation above your contacts. evenito.jpg
  • Define only individual persons: To do this, select the respective checkbox in front of the desired contacts.

Once you have selected all the participants, click on the button "Send email" at the top right.

Next step: Send message

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