Create schedule item


Set individual schedule items, for which you define the name and a description, an event type (e.g. networking, workshop) and assign the groups that may participate, which are allowed to participate and determine the start and end time. 

Select the tab "Schedule" in the navigation. You then have two options for adding a schedule item:

  1. Click on the plus sign at the top right.
  2. In the timeline on the left side, select the desired start time and drag the mouse to the end time. The schedule item with the defined times opens automatically.

For each schedule item you can store the following information:

  • Name
  • Individual description
  • Event type
  • Guest group(s), Who may participate in this schedule item: 

    Please note: Currently this only applies to evenito connect. Participants only see the schedule items assigned to their group, as well as those schedule items that are not assigned to a group.

  • Start and end date, which are further specified with a time.  


Click on "Add schedule item" to create the schedule item.

Next step: Edit schedule.


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