Edit location


You can edit the event location at any time, add additional content and define the desired translations. You can also easily define your main location.

Edit location

Edit a location you have already added by clicking on the pencil icon on the right.

In the newly opened window, enter the location in the search box on the left if you want to change the location completely. The search box is connected to Google Maps. As soon as the location has been selected, the Google map is displayed and the address will be filled in automatically. If the location is not available on Google Maps, you can search for the address in the search field;


Further details about the location, such as the address or the website, can be now customise individually. If you leave a field blank, it will not be displayed on the event website.

Under "Description" you can provide participants with further details about the event. For example, add how to get to the location.

If your event is multilingual, the multilingual symbol will shown. In the location you can translate the name and description in multiple languages. By clicking on the language you can switch between the event languages and add the desired translation. The colour of the icon also shows you whether the content has the content has already been translated (green) or whether it is still missing (red).

Define main location

In the overview, you can add as many event locations as you like using the plus sign. To designate one of these locations as your main location return to the detailed view of this location via the edit icon. Then select the button behind "Main location". In the overview, this location is now will now be marked accordingly.


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