Add contacts by importing via Excel


Using the Excel import, you can import your contact or participant information into your event.

Prepare Excel

Please note the following points before import

  • Allowed formats: XLSX, XLS or CSV
  • The Excel file must not contain macros and consist only of one worksheet. If your Excel list contains formatting, we recommend that you move the data import/copy the data without formatting into a new file.
  • Each value (first name, last name, e-mail, etc.) must be entered in the Excel list in an individual column in the Excel list.
  • The first line should be a title line and not a contact, as the first line is not transmitted.
  • The email addresses must not contain any special characters (e.g.. ö, ä, ü) or obvious errors (e.g. no @ sign or a space).
  • The language of the participant can be imported using one of the following Abbreviations. In this case, upper and lower case does not play a role:
    • German: de, deu or ger 
    • English: en or eng
    • French: fr, fre or fra
    • Italian: it or ita
  • You can also directly use the group of a contact. Please check that the group in the Excel file exactly as it is named in the tool. If the system does not match, a new group will be created. If a contact is assigned to more than one group, simply separate them with a comma and without spacing (example: default,VIP). 
  • If you want to import your participants already with a status (logged in or logged out), this can be done case-insensitive with the following labels:
    • Confirmation:
      • registered
      • confirmed
      • angemeldet
    • Cancellation:
      • declined
      • deregistered
      • de-registered
      • abgemeldet
  • Multi-select fields with multiple answers can be imported in the same way as analogous to the import of groups. Separate the answers with a comma and without spacing (example: Session 1,Session2).

Import Excel


Under Contacts, click on the "+" icon at the top right and select "Upload contact list". Either search your computer for the list you want or drag and drop them into the tool.

Map or add new fields

Now go through the columns and select the appropriate contact field. If no suitable field is displayed, you can create a new contact field directly by typing in the field:


To add a new contact information field, type the name of the field at the top of the column and confirm with Enter.



If you want to delete a column or row, select the corresponding column/row and tick the checkbox. Then click on the trash icon in the top right corner.

Start import

Click on "Start upload" to process the Excel file. The window shows the status of your contact list. As soon as the import has been completed, you can finalise it by clicking on "Close". The contacts in the Excel list are now available with the stored information under Contacts.

Information on difficulties with import

Has your import been loading for a moment with no result? Or are you getting an error message? Then the list probably contains an error. Please check again the tips under Prepare Excel

Next step: Add contact manually.


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