Define groups


Overview Groups

Under Groups you can define different groups of participants. The groups enable you to have a better overview and you can individualise the following for each group:

A participant can be assigned to multiple groups.

Define groups

Add a new group using the plus sign at the top right.

For each group, you can store the following settings:

  1. Name
  2. Colour code, which serves a better overview

Once you have defined your groups, you can confirm the settings by clicking on the button "Save changes".

Fallback groups

Fallback groups are those groups to which a participant is automatically assigned to which a participant is automatically assigned if he or she has not been assigned to one. There is possibility to define several fallback groups.

To define the fallback groups, click on the settings wheelevenito.jpgabove right and select your desired groups in the drop down menu. You can choose from all the groups that you have previously defined in the Groups tab.

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