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Thanks to the programme overview, you can see at a glance in evenito when which schedule item is taking place, which groups are allowed to participate (currently this only applies to connect) and what type of event it is. A short description of the respective schedule item rounds off this overview.

In order for the "Schedule" tab to be visible in the navigation, you have to activate it in the Event Centre under "Basic Setup". To do this, under "Functions", on the right-hand side, add the schedule  

Overview schedule

In the menu item "Schedule", your programme timeline is clearly displayed.

On the left side, the time frame is defined.

To the right, your schedule items are listed. The display is chronological. The schedule items are displayed per defined period. You defined the time period during the creation of a schedule item with the help of the start and end times.

For a better overview, the timeline on the left as well as the individual schedule items are displayed at quarter-hour intervals. However, the period of a schedule item can, however, be set as desired. It can, for example start at 8:05 or end at 8:59. Within a menu item as well as on the website the start and end times you have defined are displayed.


In the example given, you can see at a glance which schedule item, with content, what type of event it is and which groups of participants may take part in it (currently this only applies to connect).

Please note that in the case of an event lasting several days, a new timetable is schedule will be created for each day.

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