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A token is a random combination of numbers and letters that is assigned to each contact in evenito. Each token is unique and is used to identification of the participant/guest (personal contact code).

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The token is created when a contact is added manually or a contact list is uploaded and is automatically stored with the respective contact.

The token is either defined randomly by evenito or you determine it yourself, either by overwriting it in the mask of the respective contact or by adding it in you excel sheet upload. You can also change the token at any time after creating the contact. However, this is not recommended (see application).

Note: the token must be at least six characters long.


Personal login link

The token allows you to insert a personal link in the emails. The participant will then have a predefined registration form.

Email placeholder

In the emails, the token can be replaced by the placeholder [[contact.token]], can be inserted directly into the URL to the event website (personal registration link), or be displayed written out. 

Important: As soon as an e-mail with information on the respective token has been sent, it should no longer be adjusted for any contact. Otherwise, the link that has already been sent will no longer be valid.

Private Event

If your event is only open to invited guests or visitors then your guests can enter the token to unlock the login screen and register. The token can be used either as a placeholder in the e-mail or also be sent by post;


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