How do I create a registration form (RSVP)?

Create individual registration forms for your event with evenito and then integrate your form into your event website. Define personal information, ask additional questions and enquire the participation status. 

Enable website function 

First activate the menu item "Website" in your Event Centre under the tab Basic setup on the right side under "Features". After you have saved your settings, the navigation will be extended by the items "RSVP" and "Website".


Create your registration form

Select the menu item "RSVP" to create a registration form for your event. With this form you define which information your guests will be asked when registering. 

Within the template you have the following customisation options:

RSVP settings

First click on the cogwheel at the top right to switch to the registration form settings.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-19 um 14.04.49.png

On the left side you will find an overview of your stored timeframes from the menu item "Event Center". If you want to change or remove the published RSVP form availability, you can jump directly to your timeframes via the button Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-19 um 13.58.57.png. To adjust the registration period, please proceed as described in this article.

Please note:

You can also format your system notifications, set links and provide documents (behind links).

These system notifications will be displayed to your contacts as soon as they confirm or decline their participation in the event using the "Submit" or "Decline" button:

  • "System notification: Registration Accepted": This message is displayed to the guest as soon as they have successfully completed their registration.
  • "System notification: Registration Declined": This message is displayed when the contact has clicked on "Decline".


  • Limit reached: Define which system message is displayed when the maximum number of participants is reached. You specify the limits in the Basic setup.


  • Registration will start: Define the text that should be displayed before the official start of the registration period you have defined. The placeholder [[date]] shows the stored date from the field "Starts" in your timeframes in the menu item "Event Center".
  • Registration already ended: Define the text that should be displayed after the official end of the registration period you defined. The placeholder [[date]] shows the stored date from the field "Ends" in your timeframes in the menu item "Event Center".

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-19 um 14.11.15.png


For security reasons, some content can not be displayed in edit mode in the site builder. For example, externally embedded images are displayed as broken images and externally embedded fonts might not be displayed correctly. However, all content can be accessed and used via the preview button and the published website.

On the right-hand side, you can activate the following functions using the buttons:


  • Event registration type: Define whether your event is private ("activate private event") or public.
  • Define whether you still want to allow manual insertion of the personal or group token during a public event using the "Allow token input" switch. For this option to be available, the "Activate private event" switch must be deactivated.
  • Welcome box: Create individual welcome texts and offer a direct login and logout option. You can find more info HERE.
  • Activate a separate registration form for companions ("enable companion form").
  • By selecting the "Enable decline form" button, you can set up a separate form that your contact must fill out in order to de-register from your event.

Form structure

Please note:

Look for the multilingual symbol to the left hand side of "Save changes" and save the respective translations for your defined questions, answers and description texts. To do this, click on the language changer and use the language assistant to help you. You can find detailed information in this article.

Next step: Request personal information

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