How do I create a registration form (RSVP)?

Create individual registration forms for your event with evenito and then integrate your form into your event website. Define personal information, ask additional questions and enquire the participation status. 

Enable website function 

First activate the menu item "Website" in your Event Centre under the tab Basic setup on the right side under "Features". After you have saved your settings, the navigation will be extended by the items "RSVP" and "Website".


Create your registration form

Select the menu item "RSVP" to create a registration form for your event. With this form you define which information your guests will be asked when registering. 

Within the template you have the following customisation options:

  • Groups: Set up group specific registration forms. For more information, see this article.
  • Name: Determine the title of your registration form.
  • Limit: Define which system message is displayed when the maximum number of participants is reached. You specify the limits in the Basic setup.
  • Event registration type: Define whether your event is private or public.
  • Define whether you still want to allow manual insertion of the personal or group token during a public event using the "Allow token input" switch. For this option to be available, the "Activate private event" switch must be deactivated.
  • Welcome box: Create individual welcome texts and offer a direct login and logout option. You can find more info HERE.
  • Define the individual text for entering the token (only for private events, means that the "Activate private event" switch must be activated).
  • Activate a separate registration form for companions.
  • Personal information: Define the requested contact information, create additional questions.
  • Confirmation registration/deregistration: Define individual texts for the system notifications. 

Please note:

Look for the multilingual symbol to the left hand side of "Save changes" and save the respective translations for your defined questions, answers and description texts. To do this, click on the language changer.

Next step: Request personal information

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