Define contact fields and additional questions in the registration form


The registration form in evenito allows you to specifically enter personal information, additional questions about the event, the data protection regulations and the registration status, as well as to store confirmations for registration and deregistration.

Login type

Define the registration type of your event, choosing between:

  • Open: any contact who opens the website can register.
  • Private: only those contacts who have been registered in evenito and have a token token or who have a voucher token can register. register.


By default, the event is open. If you would like to close your event, select the the button next to "Private event".

As soon as you have set the event to private, the text field appears under "Token". In the text field, you can enter your custom message, which will be displayed which will then appear when you enter the token.

Welcome Box

Create a personalised welcome for your guests and allow them to deregister directly from your event or to open the registration form with one click. 

Depending on whether your event is public or private, the structure of the welcome box varies:

  • In the case of a private event, where the entry of a token is required, the logout button is also displayed next to the log in button.
  • For an event where the registration form on your website is publicly accessible, the "Logout" button is left out. 

To display the box on your website, activate the checkbox behind "Welcome box". In the mask that opens, the following editing options are now available to you:

  • Enter a description text and, for example, vary the font size, set links or add documents.
  • Define the name of the login and logout buttons.


When a contact clicks on "Decline", the corresponding system notification is automatically displayed and the unsubscribe confirmation (e-mail) is triggered. The basic requirement is that you have set it up under Messages. How to customise the text for the system notification is described HERE. In parallel, the status of this contact in the contact list will be marked as "Logged out".

If a contact wants to participate in your event and clicks on "Register", the registration form you have set up will be opened. How to request the corresponding contact information and additional questions is described later in this article. 

Please note: Personalised addressing via a placeholder is not yet possible.

Personal information 

Under "Personal information", click on "Add item". In the dropdown you can now choose between "Contact information", "Additional questions" and "Status".  


Define contact information



With the help of the "Contact information" you define which information of your contacts are to be queried. The drop-down list shows you all the contact fields that you have previously entered in your contact settings. Select the desired contact fields to add them to the login screen. Then click on the respective fields and define whether they are "required" or "optional". 

If further contact fields (not to be confused with the event-specific additional questions) are added, these must first be entered in the Menu item Contacts.  

Specify event-specific additional questions


In order to answer event-specific questions in the registration form (e.g. catering requests, accommodation, shuttle, workshops, DSGVO, etc.), click on "Add item" again and select "Additional question" in the dropdown. If you would like to make further adjustments, tick the box again.

Next, define the type of your additional question:

  • Text answer (short text, long text)
  • Single choice: Your contacts can choose one answer from several from several answer choices.
  • Multiple selection: Your contacts can select multiple answers.

In the next step, enter your question under "Title".

Finally, you can predefine the corresponding answers for the single and multiple choice. You are not limited in the number of answers.

In addition, you can label your question with a a descriptive text to provide the participant with further information or to information to the participant or to answer legal questions, e.g. privacy policy or terms and conditions. You can either enter these in plain text form or provide the text with further links or PDFs..


  • To add links, please mark the corresponding word or the desired text area which should be linked and then click on the chain symbol (3rd character from the right).
  • You want to attach a PDF? Then please click on the staple symbol (2nd character from the left), which will open the file manager. Select your file and insert it. Make sure that you give the document a unique name, as this name will be displayed.
  • You want to copy and paste a passage of text from a document or from your website, but the formatting was taken over in the process? Click on the crossed-out T symbol (far right) to delete all formatting and default settings.

For all event-specific additional questions, you can individually define whether they are they are "required" or "optional".

Limitation of participant responses

Next to the answer, for the single and multiple choice types, you can set a define a limit on how often this answer can be selected. With the help of the eye symbol, you can determine whether the limit is displayed on the website for your participants. limit is displayed on the website for your participants (coloured = the limit is displayed, grey = the limit is not displayed).

Please note: If you have chosen the setting of the "greyed out eye", you, as the organiser, can of course still enter the respective numbers in the menu item "Registration form".



You would like your participants to be automatically assigned to the groups you have stored? Move your mouse over your newly defined answer and click on the right-hand side on "Add action". In the drop-down menu under Action the selection "Add to group" is already preselected. Now select in the dropdown under "Add to group" dropdown, select your previously defined group





You can also select the type "Status" in the drop-down menu under "Add item". This predefined entry can be used to query whether the contact wants to participate in the event. 

Define your individual question as well as the feedback under "confirmed" and "rejected" by clicking on the respective text line.

We recommend that you use the welcome box instead to check your contacts status.

Confirmation button


Click on "Submit" to edit the name of the confirmation button. A text field will open in which you can enter your own customised name. 

Subscription/unsubscription texts 


Finally, you can create customised texts for confirming the participation in the event and or declining it. These system notifications will be displayed to your contacts as soon as they have confirm or decline their participation in the event using the "Submit" button.

Move, save or delete information

You want to change the order of the individual contact information and additional questions fields? You can use drag-and-drop to arrange the individual fields in your registration form. To do so, mouse-over the desired field and move it via the two bars on the right.

To finalise your defined information, click on "Save changes" at the top right. 

If you want to delete one of the defined fields, click on it. With a click on the rubbish bin symbol on the right-hand side to delete the desired mask. 


As soon as you add a contact information, an additional question or the status the field with the "Confirm" button is automatically added.

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