Create your own URL / domain for the event website


You want to change the default link of your event website ( We offer you the possibility to create an individual URL for the event website. This can be, for example, "". After that, you can use it for all events in evenito as follows:

Instead of a sub-domain, you can also create a new domain, e.g. An event would then have the following URL in our tool: The further process remains the same: 

The domain used must start with *. and be linked to our CNAME so that the content is displayed on the (sub-)domain.

evenito CNAME:



You want to use the sub-domain at evenito. Then set up this sub-domain and point the following URLs to the CNAME (optional)

* (required)


You want to use the domain with evenito. Then set up this domain and point the following URLs to the CNAME (optional)

* (required)

After you have made the CNAME entry for the domain, please inform our support. Support, they will help you to add the URL to the organisation.

Please note

The (sub-)domain must be generated by you and must not have any content behind it as well as not be a subpage/extension of an existing website.


Why do I have to register a domain with *.?

The * is called a wildcar and basically stands for "everything".

Say * can be or or, etc.

If, on the other hand, you have a URL without the *, then this is 1 URL, which can only be used for 1 website at a time. As an example: can only be and not or similar. This also means that you can't use the same domain for a different website without taking down the event website currently published under that domain.

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