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You may be wondering what the difference is between the current and the new evenito software. To put it simply, your solid and comprehensive Peugeot is being replaced by a premium and powerful Porsche. We get it right, the product remains the same - an all-in-one event management software. However, the new tool comes with a new design, much more powerful and feature-rich. 

To help you find your way around the new tool, you will find the essential changes in the application below. The functions marked with an asterisk are still "in progress". For completeness and so that you have an idea of what is still to come, we have nevertheless listed them here. 

  Description Current New
Login Login to the tool. Email address and password.
  • Email address and password.
  • Facebook*
  • Google*
URL URL for the login in evenito. Log in via the URL  Log in via the URL 
User rights Access and user rights. Four different predefined user rights are available. Two different predefined user rights are available.
Design organisation   evenito design in the backend. The backend colour and logo can be stored in the space.
Templates website Website design template. Website template is stored individually in events and can be changed at any time.
  • Website template is deposited individually in Events and can be modified at any time.
  • One or more templates can be created in the space and selected on an event-specific basis. Only space Owners have the ability to edit these templates.

Login & Space


  Description Current New
Event Centre Task Manager and Overview Task manager is not available.

A task manager, in which you can add your event tasks, is available to you. In addition, the Event Centre contains a timeline that gives you an overview of your tasks, messages and schedule.

Basic Setup   In the event under "General", event-specific information can be stored. The basic Setup in the Event Centre defines the general event information and settings. You can also define which tabs should be displayed in the navigation.
Contacts Overview of the deposited contacts. No possibility to customise the overview display.

The following information of the contact overview can be defined individually:

  • Which participant information is displayed.
  • Filter.
  • An export
Group Allocation of contacts in groups.

You can assign a contact to a group (category). For each group, you can define the maximum number of participants, a cateogria code and a registration deadline. The groups allow for different communication as well as the setting up of a separate registration mask.

The first, defined group represents the fallback groups.

You can assign a contact to several groups. A group colour can be defined for each group. 

The content (schedule) on evenito connect (virtual platform) can be created per group, and it is also possible to set up group-specific communication. 

The fallback groups can be defined individually and do not have to be limited to one group.

Voucher Allocation of unknown participants to specific groups. Using the cateogria code, participants can be assigned to the default group. You can create an unlimited number of vouchers and assign them to individual groups.
Location Location of the event. You can enter an event location. You can add one main location and several secondary locations.
Schedule Background of the schedule. The schedule can be deposited per event day based on schedule items and their description. The schedule can be stored per event day and group (only for evenito connect) based on schedule items. In addition, the assignment of an event type, a speaker and a location can be made for each schedule item.
The schedule is also displayed in the Event Centre timeline.
News Event communication Communication is possible exclusively via e-mails.

Communication is possible exclusively via e-mails at the moment.

The news menu item provides you with an overview timeline of your event communications.

Registration form Setting up the registration form. The registration form is created and defined under "Contents&Pages". The registration form has its own menu item in the navigation where all relevant information can be requested. Under Contacts, you can already define which information on the form is optional and which is required. These appear immediately as options in the selection. Whether a contact field is required or optional must be stored in the request form. In addition, the description of the registration button as well as the system notification in case of a registration or deregistration can be defined by yourself. 
Website Website and its contents. The website, its subpages and contents can be defined at any time under "Contents&Pages". The design can be individually adapted. The structure is mainly fixed and predefined. The website can only be deposited as a multi-page website.

The website is created using predefined templates and is a one-pager. The content of the website can be inserted via drag and drop using the stored content (registration form, schedule, event description, etc.).

The website can be called up in different previews (mobile, web).

In addition, several websites can be set up per event and switched active/inactive.



  Description Current New
Support Tool Call the knowledge base and forum. At you can find our knowledge base and the forum. The release news will be published in the forum. At you will find the knowledge base and the forum of the new version. The release news as well as the bugs will be published in the forum.
Ticket / e-mail support. Contact us if you have any questions.

You can contact us either by creating a support ticket or at the following email

User support is chargeable.

You can contact us either by creating a support ticket or at the following email

User support is chargeable.

Customer Success

* in Progress

We have also adjusted some of the names. Find the overview in the following article: new wordings.

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