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In the emails, you can work with placeholders (dynamic content), which automatically include different subscriber data in the e-mails, thus allowing personalised communication.

General information placeholder

Each placeholder starts with the characters "[[" , has a text in between and ends with the characters "]]". When sending an email, the placeholders are filled individually per participant with the corresponding content.

You will find an overview of the available placeholders in the editing window of a paragraph under "More" -> "Show placeholders".


Then select the desired placeholder in the placeholder manager and add it to your message by clicking on it.


Default placeholder

Listed below are some default placeholders: 

  • Start date event:[[event.startDateWithDay]]
  • Start time event: [[event.startTime]]
  • Name Event: [[]]
  • Open email in browser: [[message.renderURL]]

  • Token: [[contact.token]]
  • Salutation: [[contact.greeting]]
  • Gender: [[contact.gender]]

  • Link to registration: event-link plus /?t=[[contact.token]]
    • Example:[[contact.token]]
  • Summary of participant responses: [[contact.registrationSummary]]

Contact information

The placeholders under "Contact Information" may differ per event. Each field you create under "Contact" and each additional question in the registration form will result in a single placeholder in this folder. If you want to summarise the entire registration, use the placeholder [[contact.registrationSummary]].

Placeholder with link to personal registration

You want to invite participants with a personal registration link so that the contact information is pre-filled? Then compose the link as follows: 

Event link plus /?t=[[contact.token]] 
Example without language:[[contact.token]]

Depending on the language stored by the participant, the correct language version of the website is displayed directly. 

Do you want the participant to jump directly to the registration form as soon as they click on the link? 
Then add the anchor #rsvp to the end of the link. Here is an example: 

Event link plus /?t=[[contact.token]] plus #rsvp
Example With anchor to login widget:[[contact.token]]#rsvp

Placeholder with a link to evenito connect

In order for a participant to be logged in directly to evenito connect, you can use the following placeholder: [[contact.connect_url]]

This placeholder can also be created manually:

Structure placeholder: Connect link plus EVENT-ID plus ?token=[[contact.token]]

Example with event ID "568be552-a9b1-415c-bc01-2bdd2419d420": https://connect.evenito. com/events/568be552-a9b1-415c-bc01-2bdd2419d420/?token=[[contact.token]]

You can find the event ID in the URL of the event in the browser after events/:


The URL is always, regardless of your company settings. 

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