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For even more efficient work, predefined message templates are available in your account in the "Templates" drop down. In addition, as an organiser you can add or delete further templates. You can then easily select and use the defined templates in your events.

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Click on the cogwheel next to your user profile to switch to the organisation settings. Select the tab "Templates" and then "Message template(s)". Click on the plus sign on the right to add a new template. 

Define the name of the template. This is a mandatory field. You can now choose the type (e.g. Save the Date, Invitation, etc.). In the drop down you can either select an existing template or continue without a template and design it from scratch. By default, you can choose from an evenito email template, which you can adapt or delete at your own discretion.


To edit the template, click on it. The email editor opens. In this article you will find more information about the email editor.

After you have made your changes, save them using the "Save changes" button.

Please note: Currently, the placeholder manager can only be accessed while editing the emails within your event. You would like to use the placeholders anyway? In the following article you will find the most important placeholders: Placeholders in the messages.

If you want to delete an existing template, hover over the desired template with the mouse pointer. The rubbish bin icon appears on the right-hand side. After you have confirmed your deletion in the pop-up window, the template will be discarded.

This way you can store as many templates as you like. Your created templates are listed under "Templates" and "Message template(s)". The templates are now available for all your events and can be adapted as needed.

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