Create your website structure


With evenito you can put together your website using predefined building blocks. The widgets are available on the left-hand side, can be inserted via drag-and-drop and linked as anchors in the navigation.

Define structure

As soon as you have opened the editing mode of the website, you can compile the desired structure of the website. The contents of the modules must be in the individual menu items in the evenito tool (e.g. location, programme, registration form, speakers, etc.).


The available widgets are shown on the left under "Building blocks". To use a widget, drag it into the white box to the right. ("Drag your building blocks here"). The preview of the building blocks is shown on the right.

To check how your website is displayed on your laptop/computer, tablet or smartphone, click on the 3 icons on the right-hand side and switch between the views of the the views of the respective devices. You can read more about this in the article Preview options of the website.


Change the order of the building blocks via drag-and-drop in the second field from the left.

Please note: no changes can be made in the preview of the website on the right. Any adjustments must be made either in the either in the modules themselves or in the individual navigation points in the tool. 

Available building blocks and their functions

Each individual building block has specific functions, which are explained in the following explained in the following articles.

To edit, hover your mouse over the desired block to open the settings using the pencil settings using the pencil icon.

Deposit anchors to individual blocks in navigation

Participants should jump directly to the most important points on your website (e.g. to registration, the programme or the speakers) by clicking on the corresponding button in the navigation? In this article we show you how to set the anchors.

As soon as you have defined your website content, you can enter the colour and design settings. To do this, go to the following article: Set colour and design settings for your website.

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