Save fonts and design settings for your website


As soon as you have defined the structure of your website and the individual settings of the widgets, you can save the colour and design settings and upload your custom fonts.

In the following article:

To open the settings, click on the edit icon in the top right-hand corner next to "Unpublished Draft", click on the edit icon evenito.jpg


In the lower area, the editing window will open, in which you can you can enter the following settings.


Colour and design settings

Under "Website theme" you can define the primary and secondary colour of your website.

  • The buttons are displayed in the primary colour.
  • The secondary colour is only applied to the titles of the individual components, such as Programme, Location, Login, etc.
  • In addition, you can store the colour of the main text, which refers to the flow texts.
  • The 4th colour, the secondary text colour, refers to the colours of all over- and intermediate fonts as well as continuous texts, which are added in the header and footer. 

In a further step, define the width of your website. For this you have three pixel sizes: 960, 1,280, 1,920. Another option is not to limit the width of the website.

Please note: even if you limit the width of the content or of your website to your website to 1,280 px, for example, you can still display the content of the individual to the full width. This is useful for the header, for example.

Set fonts

On the right-hand side, you define your website typography by setting the font weight and uploading your fonts. For the font weight, you can choose between the intermediate font and the body text between fine, normal, bold and extra-bold, normal, bold and extra-bold.

Please note: your fonts can be saved using the file manager in the formats .ttf, .woff or .woff2 into evenito can be uploaded.

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