Function overview old (v2) vs. new version (v3)

In this article we compare the most common functions of the current and new version.

Is your event complex or are you not sure whether the new version covers all your requirements or your function is not listed? Then feel free to contact our support team via "Submit a request" in the top right hand corner.

To keep the list clear, this covers the most important functions. Please note that this comparison will change continuously. It has proven best to test the tool directly. This way you will quickly notice if something is missing.

We use the following statuses: 

  • Yes: the feature is present.
  • Partly: The function is partially present.
  • No: The function is not present.


Old version (v2)

New version (v3)   

Simple and quick operation Partly Yes

Company settings

User defined domains (e-mail, website) Yes Yes
Website templates No Yes
E-mail templates No Yes
Event templates No Yes
User roles Yes Yes (New structure)
Teams (for different organisations, locations, departments or brands) No Yes

Event Centre (My Events)

Event Centre with tasks and timeline No Yes
Event Dashboard Yes Yes



Capture multiple locations No Yes


Contacts (participants)

Import (.xlsx) Yes Yes
Export (.xlsx) Yes Yes
Personalisable contact information (fields) No Yes
Groups (categories) Yes Yes
Multiple group assignment No Yes
Limitable group tokens Partly Yes
Capture speaker profiles Partly Yes



Create schedule items Partly Yes
Flexible schedule editor No Yes



Open and closed events Yes Yes
Registration form per category/group Yes Yes
Deregistration form Yes No
Additional questions Yes Yes
Multilevel subquestions No Yes
Additional question actions No Yes
(Customisable) system notifications (after registration / deregistration) Parly Yes
Waiting list Yes No
Companion management Yes Yes
Registration deadline Yes Partly



Ticket sale Yes Yes
Purchase of multiple tickets for multiple guests Yes No
Cash payment Yes No (Online payment methods only)
Individual invoice design Partly No
Independent refund to participants in back office No Yes
Partial refunds No No



Create & send e-mails Yes Yes
Copy e-mails Yes Yes (via Templates)
Separate registration confirmation for companions No Yes
Capture Bcc in e-mails No Yes



Modern one page website No Yes
Mature branding options No Yes
Drag and drop website editor No Yes
Navigation bar with anchor & header Partly Yes
Footer Partly Yes
Personalised registration form Partly Yes
Schedule & Location Yes Yes
Embedding external content Yes Yes
List of participants, feedback form & guest list Yes No
Custom Font & Typography Yes Yes
Password security Yes No
External website tracking Yes Yes


Online & Hybrid Events

Token request on entry No Yes
Integration in guest management (check-ins) No Yes
Branding on virtual platform No Yes
Virtual Events (Meetings & Streams) No Yes
Virtual booths (sponsors, partners, etc.) No Yes
Moderated Q&A & Chat (can be annonymised) No Yes
Modern streaming options (embedding external livestreams, integrated M2M & F2M solution) No Yes
Group-specific schedule items No Yes



Multilingual portal / back office Yes (DE, FR, IT und EN) Yes (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT)
Multilingual website & messages Yes (DE, FR, IT und EN) Yes (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT)


More functions

Create personalised documents Partly Yes
Sending personalised documents Yes Yes
Check-in App Outdated Yes
Hospitality management Yes Partly
Publish agenda Yes No
Photo tagging / management Yes No
Photo gallery Yes No
Badge and label printing Yes No
Event embedding Yes No



Annual penetration test No Yes
ISO 27001 certification No Yes
DSGVO compliance Partly Yes
Secure-by-design architecture Partly Yes



Knowledge database Yes Yes
Webinars Partly Yes


You want to stay up to date as soon as we have released new features? Then follow our release forum (only for logged-in users). We also present our latest features once a month in our Coffee Break. You can register for the short webinar HERE.



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