Design the header of your website


In the header widget you can determine which event information will be displayed. It is up to you to decide whether only the graphic, additional text text content or even buttons are shown.


Choose between different layouts and decide whether you want your content, for example on your header image or next to it, or whether you want to do without it altogether. 

Then upload the desired header under "Image". Here you also have the option of adding the graphic using an image link or via the file manager.

By activating the toggle under "Shader", you determine whether your header graphic should be darkened, e.g. to better emphasize a lighter font.

Use the "Contrasts" button to (de)activate the contrasts. You can set the background and text color for the contrasts individually in the website settings (tab: website theme).

Further define whether the header is to be displayed in full width or at the content aligned is displayed ("full width"). 

We recommend that you display the header across the full width of the website. To do this, activate the switch.

You can also add the "Add to calendar" buttons to your header by activating the "Add buttons" switch. The buttons "Add to calendar" (download of a calendar entry) and "Registration" (leads the participant directly to the registration form) expand. You can adapt and overwrite the labelling individually.

Under "Event details" you can determine which event information is displayed in the header. To do this, activate the slider bar below the caption. The following information can be displayed:

Under "Arrangement", determine whether the contents are aligned left or right. 

If you want to define the information to be displayed on the header yourself, select the tab "Free text".

The "Free text" allows you to define the title and the description yourself. Furthermore, you can activate the buttons on the right side (registration and calendar entry). 

Please note that you can also vary between different text sizes. To do this, choose in the dropdown (4th element from the right) between small, normal, large and huge.

As soon as the details are complete, confirm the entries with the "Close" button.

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