Define special highlights with the highlight widget


Want to share some special moments from the event with your guests? Give a short outlook with the help of the "Highlight" widget, add up to 4 points with meaningful pictures and guide your participants to the corresponding content with the buttons.

evenito.jpg This widget can be used multiple times and dragged and dropped to the website position of your choice.


Then hover over the highlight widget and open the edit mode. The following adjustments can be made:

  • Background colour
  • Width of the block (adjusted to content or full width).
  • Header 
  • Content (freely definable text of your choice)
  • Entries:
    • Image (via image link or upload using the file manager)
    • Name of the button (will be mapped on your defined image)
    • URL 

    The URL will be displayed as soon as you have defined the name of your button.

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