Adding video clips via video widget


Whether teasers, highlights from previous years, pitches or speaker contributions - with the video module you can embed your film contributions on the event website. Would you like to display one video over the full width of the content and add a text next to it? You decide!

Bildschirmfoto_2021-01-06_um_13.16.53.png This widget can be used several times and can be dragged and dropped into the 2nd column from the left to the desired position. You can see the result immediately in the preview to the right.

The following customisation options are available to you:
mouse over the video icon in the second column below the website structure and click on the edit pencil to make further adjustments.

  • Select whether your video should be displayed across the full width of your content, for example, or or should be provided with a description text on the side.
  • Background colour of the module.
  • Define whether the video module should take up the entire width of the website or whether it should or whether it should fit in with the content. We will show you how to define the width in in this article
  • Give your video an appropriate title.
  • Use the slider to define the ratio between video and text. If you move the slider to the left, this will favour the text while the video becomes smaller, and vice versa, if you move it to the right, the video becomes larger and the text column narrower. The text size is retained as stored in the settings.


  • Add your video with one of the two variants:
    • Using a code (iFrame or Javascript). These instructions shows you how to do this with a YouTube video. 
    • Using a URL
  • Store necessary video rights (e.g. audio play, loop, switching off the share function or controls)

    Our recommendation

    Embed your video using the embed code, so that the permissions rights defined in it (e.g. autoplay, fullscreen, loop, etc.) and the and the URL are automatically transferred:


  • Add a description text
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