Create new message

Add a new message using the plus button in the upper right corner and select the type of message. In the next step, define the main settings of your message. These include the following fields:

    • Create from template (predefined in space settings)
    • Type (save the date, invitation, etc.)
    • Name (only visible for user) > name of e-mail
    • Subject (visible for e-mail recipient)
    • Sender name (visible for recipient)
    • Sender e-mail (visible for recipient)
    • Groups (recipients)

The created e-mails are sorted by the "Type", the order is based on the drop down list available in the type selection of a message.

Please note: The message types registration confirmation and decline confirmation are sent automatically, directly after the participant has registered or deregistered.


Once you have defined the settings and saved them with "Add message", the message will be listed in the overview.

Add more messages to complete your communication timeline.

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