How do I set up a virtual platform?


In evenito you have the possibility to set up the components for the virtual platform evenito connect and determine the content and layout.

Enable virtual platform function

First, activate in the menu item Event Center and the tab Basic Settings the function "Virtual platform" on the right side under "Functions". After you have saved your settings, the navigation will be extended by the item "Virtual platform".


Create your virtual platform


Click now on the menu item "Virtual platform".

Here you define the name of your event and can add a subtitle and a description.

You can also customise the logo, which is the Space logo by default, and the header. To do this, move the mouse over the image or the free space and click on the and click on the editing pencil.

Note about the logo: Please choose a square image or a or an image that can be cropped in the middle, as the logo on the platform is will be displayed in a circle and the edge will be cut off.

Note on the header: The width of the header is automatically limited by our tool to a width of 1,680px should the screen size exceed 1,680 pixels. This does not apply if the image size exceeds this, as the image will be limited to about 1,185px.

For this reason, we recommend you use a header image that looks good in the following two ratios:
Desktop ratio should be around 3.5/4 : 1 (landscape/horizontal).
The mobile ratio will go down to 1/1.20 : 1 (almost a square) 

If you have set up your event in several languages (available: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish), also store the correct translation for the virtual the correct translation for each language. To do this, click on the drop-down menu, in which the language is displayed and select the appropriate language.

In addition, you can use the two buttons in the "Functions" area to define whether the group chat define whether the group chat and/or the speaker tab should be displayed in the navigation bar on the virtual platform. 

Colour settings of the virtual platform

You want to customise the look of your virtual platform? Then click on the right top right of "Save changes" on the edit wheel.

Here you now have the option of adjusting the primary, secondary and accent colours.

  • The primary colour refers to the buttons used to to enter the room in advance or to view a past event again.
  • The secondary colour is used to adjust the background colour of the navigation on the left side of the page.
  • The accent colour makes it possible to highlight the "Participate" button on the virtual platform. This button indicates when an event is actively taking place at that moment.

Save your adjustments with "Save changes"


In addition, you have the opportunity to interact with participants through chats, Q&A and live polls.

You can find more information about the individual functions here:

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