Entering free text content using the text widget


Would you like to add pure text passages to your website without placing an image or a video next to it? Then use the "Free text" module.

evenito.jpg This widget can be used several times and can be dragged and dropped from the left from the left to the desired position. The result will be immediately in the preview to the right.


Hover over the module in the second column below the website structure to adjust its content. To do this, click on the edit pencil. 

  • Select whether your text module is to be displayed across the full width of the website or adapted to the to the content of the website. We show you how to define the width in this article
  • Define the background colour of the widget.
  • Add your desired text.

Please note that you can also vary between different text sizes. Choose in the dropdown (4th element from the right) between small, normal, large and huge.

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