Supported browsers


In order to guarantee a high quality experience, we summarise here the supported browsers for the evenito tool, the event website and evenito connect. 

Supported browsers

The oldest supported version of a browser is listed here: 

evenito tool (for the software user only):

  • Safari 12.1
  • Chrome 87
  • Firefox 83
  • Edge 87

Website / registration form:

  • Safari 12.1
  • Chrome 8
  • Firefox 83
  • Edge 87

evenito connect:

  • Chrome 88

  • Safari 11

  • Firefox 86

  • Edge 46

Non-supported browsers

All versions not listed here are not tested or supported by evenito. This also applies to Internet Explorer. Microsoft itself has in this article that they will no longer support Internet Explorer for tools like Microsoft Teams. Companies such as Zendesk, Atlassian, YouTube, Slack, Trello, Spotify and LinkedIn have also decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer.


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