Most common mistakes in web event support and setup (Q&A)


In this article, we summarise the most common questions and erroneous assumptions regarding the implementation and support of virtual events.

Is evenito a full service agency? 

evenito is not a full service event agency, but a SaaS company (Software as a Service company). The product and the accompanying service of evenito is the browser-based software for the organisation and realisation of events. For this purpose, the users of a company are during the onboarding and selectively via support requests as well as with the with the provision of a constantly updated knowledge database. The goal of evenito is to train the user so that he can use the software independently. can use the software independently;

Do you want a 1to1 set-up and event support and/or assistance in setting up and running your event? in setting up and running your online event? Then contact our sales team so that we can offer you the services of one of our partner agencies. partner agencies. They offer services tailored to your individual needs - from services tailored to your needs - from consulting to live support during the event. 

How long will it take me to prepare an online or hybrid event? 

Online events also require intensive preparation. We have that this is often underestimated by companies. Our experience shows that the following time spans are realistic:

Please note, however, that this can vary greatly depending on the event setup. 

  • From contract signing to implementation kick-off meeting: 1-7 Days
  • From contract conclusion to training: 5-14 days
  • From training to website go-live and sign-up (Strongly depends on on the set-up and IT): 7 days and more.

6 weeks before the online event, you should have completed the most important preparations and tests for the implementation. If you find that you need support from our partners during this period, they will still have time to help you. partners, they will still have time to secure the corresponding resources and to and to professionally prepare and implement the virtual event together with you. 

Is the preparation of online events time-consuming?

Just as event managers for on-site events visit the locations, speak to the and hold all the strings together, it is also important for online events not to underestimate the it is important not to underestimate the preparation. It is crucial that all speakers and moderators, feel comfortable with the realities of the virtual set-up. of the virtual set-up. It is worthwhile to plan a test run at least 6 weeks at least six weeks before the event;

What does the professional support of a partner agency for a web event in Germany cost ?

Our partner agencies offer a wide range of services.

Below you will find an example of live support during the event. (without set-up support):

  • 1 person
  • Preparation (1.5 h), event support (min. 4 h), wrap-up (0.5 h)
  • no participant support / no "technical support" / no workshop support
  • from 100 EUR / hour

Our partners need at least 6 weeks' lead time to provide you with optimal support for an online event. online event in the best possible way.

Do you also want our partner to support you with set-up, livestream production or other services Then please share your wishes before signing the contract with our sales department. Thank you very much.

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