How do I set up a many-to-many livestream? (Using YouTube and 8x8)


In this article we explain how you can stream a many-to-many meeting to many participants. To do this, we use YouTube as a streaming service as well as 8x8 as a many-to-many meeting.

Please note: The tools listed are third-party tools for which we are not responsible. The principle explained here also works with other tools. We recommend that you test this set-up at least 6 weeks before the event. 


  1. Log in with your YouTube account:
  2. Click on the camera with the plus sign in the top right-hand corner and then on. "Go live" 

    Please note: The livestream function must be activated at least 24 hours before the first "go live".

  3. Now fill in the stream information:

    Please note: If the following window does not open immediately click on the camera icon on the left side of the screen. Camera icon ("Webcam").

    1. Name
    2. Should the stream be public, unlisted or private?

      Please note: Unlisted or private streams cannot be displayed in evenito connect.

    3. Should it be scheduled for a certain time or started directly? 
    4. Age rating
  4. Finally click on "Next".

After the settings have been stored, another pop-up window opens. Here you have the following options:

  • Click on "Share" > Copy the video link & Paste it into a new tab window. paste it into a new tab window. Now click again on "Share" > "Embed" and copy out the entire embed code. Now paste this embed code into the backend of the new evenito version under "Streams". in the desired programme point. You can find more information in the article "How do I set up a stream?" 
  • If you click on "Done" in YouTube, you will be led to the overview in which your in which your planned streams are listed. Alternatively, you can you can also click on the Calendar icon ("Manage") on the left to return to this overview. on the left-hand side to return to this overview.
  • If you click on "Go live", your livestream will start immediately. You will then see your stream and can use it to manage the YouTube chat, among other things.

    Please note: The YouTube chat cannot be integrated and displayed in evenito connect. 

Now we'll show you how to connect the many-to-many meeting to the YouTube stream: 

In YouTube, click on the tab with the stream sign.


Then copy out the streaming key.


Open the meeting tool 8x8. To be able to make the settings described below described below, you need a Pro account.


Set up a new meeting for 8x8, e.g. by adding an 8x8 meeting as a feature in Google. This way you can create new meetings directly in the calendar. 


Alternatively, you can create an entry in your common calendar and then select and link the relevant calendar in the 8x8 Pro account. Connect you can click on the plus sign > "Add meeting".


Please note: The tool only shows the dates of the next 3 days!

Then open your created meeting and click on "..." in the bottom right corner. > „Start live stream“.Vollbild_29_03_21__12_13.jpg

Now add the streaming key from YouTube & click on "Start live stream".Vollbild_29_03_21__12_14-2.jpg

As soon as the stream has started, you will hear the acoustic message "Live streaming is on" and the 8x8 meeting will be broadcast.

Please note: depending on the connection, it takes up to 10-20 seconds until the stream is displayed on YouTube and thus also on evenito connect. 

To add more people to your meeting, click on "Invite more people" & share the link. 


Then go again to "..." > "Settings" > "More" > "Everyone follows me". With this setting, the participants always see what the moderator shows. shows. If this function is not ticked, the view always changes to the person who is currently speaking, who is currently speaking.


evenito connect

In evenito connect, the embedded YouTube stream is displayed as follows:Livestreaming_evenito_connect.png

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