One-to-Many, Many-to-Many, Few-to-Many Livestream - What's the difference?


Wondering what a many-to-many meeting or a one-to-many as well as many-to-many livestream is? In this article, we'll be happy to familiarise you with the different types and show you what the difference is.



This audio and video meeting can accommodate up to 50 people per standard room can participate. All participants can talk to each other directly or via group chat with each other. In addition, there is the option of sharing content such as such as a presentation via screensharing or a YouTube video via the integrated YouTube function function, as well as with the help of external tools (e.g. Miro or Mentimeter) to collaborate. 

The provider Jisti is integrated in evenito connect. Other well-known many-to-many providers are for example Zoom, Teams or Webex.

Please note: These external tools can not be integrated into evenito integrated. An access is however for example with the help of the depositing links in the description text.



In this format, also called a webcast or livestream, content is delivered by person or group of persons by means of video and audio to many viewers. With the help of a (Q&A) chat or external voting tools (e.g., per Mentimeter). presenters and speakers can interact with attendees. The participants themselves have no audio or video rights in this variant. 

In this setup, the presenters and speakers are together at one location (e.g., in a studio). The setup and implementation is often more complex in this case.

You want to set up and run the one-to-many stream without an external producer? without an external producer? At this point we would like to introduce the tools Vimeo and Youtube lead. 

Please note that evenito cannot assist you with the setup of the livestream. cannot support you, as these are external tools. You can find help can be found on the following pages: Vimeo Help Center and Youtube Help Center. Alternatively, a partner agency can assist you with this. Get in touch happy to do so with our sales team.

You would like to rely on professional support during setup and implementation? set?

Our evenito sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our partners. who will support you professionally in a one-to-many stream.



This type basically links the previously listed formats. As can be seen in the graphic, the actors dial in to an audio and video and video meeting, and this many-to-many meeting is then streamed to a larger group of people (few-to-many). While the actors can thus actively and hear each other, the participants themselves do not have audio and video rights. Communication takes place via (Q&A) chat, for example.

This means that the interconnection of the individual actors (moderator/s, speaker/s) either via a many-to-many meeting or, in the case of an event with an external production partner with an external production partner via the director.

It is important to note that not every many-to-many tool has the functionality to has the function to stream out of a meeting. 

Coming soon

Currently, this feature is not available in the evenito connect included many-to-many tool Jitsi yet not integrated. Please read for the implementation with the tool 8x8 this article through or contact our sales team with any questions about alternative implementation.

In the second option, i.e. implementation via an external producer, the actors (presenters and speakers) receive (presenters and speakers) will each receive a separate access link for an external an external tool from the producer.

This moderator/speaker access is not to be confused with the login link for evenito connect, which you send to your participants shortly before the event. shortly before the event.

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