What is the implementation process at evenito?


New companies and their users are trained by our Customer Success experts on the evenito tool during implementation. In this article we summarise the most important information of a classic onboarding process:



1-7 days after conclusion of the contract First kick-off meeting, to discuss the next steps of the implementation and to clarify initial questions. As follow-up to this meeting, the customer receives a checklist for preparation of the training;
5-14 day after contract signing Training: During an approx. 2-hour training session, users are users are introduced to our tool by an evenito product expert. our tool. During this time, the company's event set-up will be discussed and the best way to implement individual requirements is discussed. As a follow-up to the training, the users will receive documentation incl. checklist for the next steps. 
7-28 days after the training Q&A Meeting: During approx. 30 minutes users can ask any questions that have arisen during the use of the tool following the training. after the training course;
1 month after the training One month after the training, the implementation. is classically completed. By then the user has all the necessary information and knowledge to use evenito independently and efficiently. and efficient. 
After implementation We're here for questions after implementation too. In this article we describe what support users can benefit from. 


The process shown here is an example that covers most of the implementations. implementations. For more complex or extensive implementations involving multiple training courses, this process may take longer.

We look forward to implementing many new companies and taking their events to the to the next level 🚀 

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