How do I change the website domain & name or prevent Google initialisation?


As soon as you have defined the structure of your websitecolour and design settings and uploaded your Custom Fonts, you can also change the URL and the name of your website in the settings. You would also like to make sure that your website cannot be found in Google? Then proceed as described in this article.

To open the settings, click on the edit icon in the top right-hand corner next to "Unpublished Draft", click on the edit icon evenito.jpg

Customise website domain

In the "Domain" tab, you can change the URL of your website, which you have entered in the creation revise.

The URL of the website is by default composed of two two building blocks.

  • The first component "URL" is event-specific. You can change this part of the URL can be changed by yourself. It does not need to be registered by your IT.
  • The second module "Domain" contains the general sub-domain. By default, the website runs via the evenito domain ( If your user-defined sub-domain has already been stored in your organisation, you can you can select it in the dropdown.

Please note: The sub-domain used must first be linked to our CNAME in order for the content to be displayed on it. HERE you can find more information.

The domain can currently only be registered in your account by an evenito employee. Please contact

Once you have adjusted the URL, the newly defined event URL will be displayed next to the website icon.

Customise website name

You've done the same thing with the Create a name for your website and you would like to name for your website and now want to customise it?

In the "Domain" area, you can revise the title of the template in the "Name" field. Confirm your adjustment with "Save & close".

Your change of the name will be visible in the browser tab.


Enable Google Initialisation (en)

Your event is not intended for the general public and should not be findable in Google to be discoverable? 

In addition to the domain and the name of your website, you can also make this setting in the "Domain" tab. To ensure that your website cannot be found on Google, activate the switch.

Please note that this setting must be stored, before you publish the website for the first time. Otherwise your domain will still be visible on Google for some time until the cache is cleared.

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