Dashboard overview


Once you have logged into evenito and are within your space, the first thing you will do is the dashboard. The dashboard offers you an overview of all your upcoming and completed events and at the same time provides the events, your space and your personal user profile.


Event list & search

In the centre of the dashboard are the events. For a better overview, there are upcoming are events (left-hand side) and events that have already taken place (right-hand side).  

Please note: Events that take place "today" are listed in the column "upcoming events".

In addition, there is a further subdivision into the following statuses:

  • All: All events are listed here regardless of their status.
  • In preparation: This event is currently still in the preparation phase. No communication has been sent or the event website has gone live yet.
  • Published: Your event is in the hot phase: communication has been sent, the event website has been set up and published and registration has been opened.
  • Live: The event is actively taking place today.
  • Done: Your event has been successfully implemented, the subsequent communication has been set up and sent out and the data has been evaluated.
  • Archived: To keep your dashboard as clear as possible, you can archive your performed or cancelled events.


Your event list already contains many events and you are looking for a specific event? Then use the event search on the right above the event lists. Simply enter a keyword or the event name and start the search by pressing Enter.

Alternatively, you can search specifically for events that have been assigned to the individual teams. To do this, click on "Show filter" and select the desired team(s) in the dropdown behind "Events of the team".

You want to know more about the following topics? Then click on the corresponding links:

User profile

Your user profile icon is displayed in the top right corner. evenito allows you to customise your own profile.

In the following articles, we will show you how to edit your user profile and in general add new users.


You can edit the settings of your space via the cogwheel. 

Please note: The settings you enter here affect your entire organisation, including all events. organisation with all its events.

You can find more information on the space in this article Overview of the organisation as well as further articles.


Are you in the middle of setting up your event and don't know what to do? Via the question mark you can easily call up our knowledge database.


Enter your desired keyword (e.g. create event) in the search field and confirm your entry with your entry with Enter. A list of suitable articles will then be suggested to you. Click on the appropriate article.

Please note: The view in the pop-up window is too small for you? Then click on this iconevenito.jpgon the right side next to the title and view the article in full size.

You didn't find the right article? Then please click on the button "Contact" and write a ticket to the support.


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