How do I activate the evenito chat?


Would you like to interact with your participants during your virtual event? In this article we will show you how to activate the chat features for evenito connect, how to apply the chats and how to delete messages as moderator.

How do I enable the chat function for evenito connect?


To activate this function, first select the menu item "Virtual platform"

On the right-hand side you will see three features in the "Functions" area, among them the two chat functions. Activate the switch in each case so that the chat(s) is/are chat/s will be made available on the virtual platform.

Please note: Lobby and session chat can be activated independently of each other. However, separate activation per programme item is not possible.

Session chat and lobby chat - What is the difference?


On evenito connect you have the possibility to interact with your participants via chat:

  • The Lobby Chat evenito_connect_platform. jpg is a group chat, i.e. your questions and answers can be viewed by all moderators, speakers and participants. The lobby chat is displayed as soon as a participant is in the lobby and activates the chat icon. The chat can be called up across the lobby as well as within all programme items.
  • The session chat evenito_connect_platform.jpgis created individually for each programme point. This chat is displayed as soon as a participant clicks on the chat in a programme item. Each participant only sees the session chats of those schedule items to which he or she has been to which they have been assigned with the help of the groups. If no groups have been set for a schedule item, this session chat is visible to all participants. The session chat is also a group chat, so your questions and contributions can be viewed publicly by all moderators, speakers and participants. 

How do I use the chats?


Log yourself in at with your token to access the virtual platform, or alternatively click on the on the access link in your e-mail. Alternatively, you can also enter the platform for testing via the preview function.

The chat will be displayed at the bottom right with the following icon Cursor_und_Wie_nehme_ich_an_einem_virtuellen_Event_auf_evenito_connect_teil_.jpg .

Clicking this icon opens the sidebar with the chat. Depending on where you are at the time, i.e. in the lobby or at a programme point, the corresponding chat will open.

  • The Lobby Chat will be displayed as soon as you enter the lobby. 
  • For every single schedule item, the system will also automatically create a new Session Chat. This session chat is displayed as soon as you click on the chat within a schedule item.
  • You can also return to the chat overview via the iconmceclip0.png in front of the chat name. Here you will see both the lobby chat (marked with the following symbol:evenito_connect_platform. jpg) as well as the individual session chats (icon: evenito_connect_platform.jpg) are listed. Click on the chat you want to join the conversation. 
  • To communicate in a chat, click in the text box, type your text and confirm your entry with the Enter key.
  • Currently there is no distinction between participant view and moderator/speaker view. However, moderators have the option to delete individual messages.

As an organiser, how can I delete chat posts?

You became responsible for chat support and would like to delete inappropriate comments and posts for everyone?

Hover over the post you want to remove. A bin icon will appear in the top right corner. Click on this and the message will be deleted immediately.

Please note: There is currently no query as to whether you really want to delete the message. Once deleted, the post cannot be restored.


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