Use of own content (custom scripts)


evenito offers you a wide range of widgets, which you can use to set up your website. However, would you like to add content with the help of content with the help of a custom code? In the following article we show you, how.

Important notes:

  • After activating this feature, you are completely free to display any content using the custom script. However, it is important to note that your custom code will interact with the existing website code and may even overwrite it. Since the behaviour when using a custom script can no longer be influenced by evenito cannot influence the behaviour of a custom script, evenito offers no support for this website.
  • Against this background, this function must be activated for you by an evenito employee.

After an evenito employee has dragged the module "Own content" into the 2nd column from the left below the website structure, you can now move the mouse pointer over this module to adjust its content. To do this, click on the editing pencil.


The following editing options are available to you:

  • Select whether your text module is to be displayed across the full width of the website or adapted to the width of the content. the width of the content. How to define the width we show you in this article
  • Define the background colour of the module..
  • Insert your desired heading.
  • Deposit your corresponding custom code as iFrame or JavaScript.

Please note: Custom content will not be previewed.


To show you the contents please publish the website.

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