First steps in evenito


Welcome to evenito. We are delighted that you are using evenito to organise your events and inspire your participants. In this article we summarise how to create a new event. 

Before you start, we recommend you check the following articles: 

If you are new to evenito, here's how you can customise your profile and organisation details: 

The following articles will guide you through all the important steps to create a new event: 

Once your event has been created, the following articles will show you how to activate the website, add participants and send the invitations: 

Is your event taking place online or hybrid? Then check the articles on the set-up of evenito connect: 


We recommend that you test every new event set-up and every new event early on. This way you can find out early on whether adjustments need to be made to the settings or the texts.


In this overview, the most important articles are linked. On our knowledge database you will find even more exciting and interesting information. You can always use the search function or the folder structure on the start page to orientate yourself quickly. 


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