Integration of third-party providers such as Zoom, Teams, Webex or Skype


You would like to use an external tool to perform many-to-many sessions? Then we will show you in this article how you can link from evenito connect to other providers. The advantage of this is that you can store the links of the external meetings centrally with further information about the event at evenito connect.


Many meeting tools cannot be integrated directly into evenito connect. These include Zoom, Teams, Webex or Skype, for example. These providers would like the participant to use their apps/website directly. Therefore, in evenito connect only a link/forwarding to these providers is possible.

Add link to programme item

In the first step, you can add the links to the external meetings in the description of the respective programme item deposit. To emphasise the text graphically, you can format it e.g. in bold. Please note that the font size is always the same, no matter how you have set it in the programme item. programme item. This allows a nice display on all devices (mobile devices (mobile, tablet & desktop). To add the link to the external tool, select the desired text and click onmceclip0.png


A stream you do not need to create for this use case. Only the function virtual platform must be included in the basic settings. be activated;

Information about the programme on the website

You have now added the programme items with a link to the meeting. This link will also be shown on the website where the registration is running, if you use the programme widget. If you do not want to provide these links via the website, you have two options: 

  • Do not republish the website. Then the version of the website before adding the link is live. 
  • Remove the programme module from the website. Alternatively you can your programme, for example, in an text-block write down yourself.

View of the participant

Your event participant can log in to evenito connect as normal. The way of the participant is also explained in the article How do I participate in a virtual event on evenito connect?

From the lobby, the contact then clicks behind the desired programme item on. "Participate": 


In the next step, the participant can open the link to the external meeting directly in the description text:


Please note: Currently it is still not possible to within the lobby directly to the hyperlink in the programme item or to link to an external tool directly behind the "Enter" button. button. Your participants have to click on the programme item as described above. click on it.

Information on redirection

Please test the redirection/linking at least 6 weeks before the event to ensure that the make sure the process works as you want it to.

evenito cannot influence the behaviour of the external link or external tools.

Next step: How do I participate in a virtual event on evenito connect?

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