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We are very pleased that you have chosen evenito. In this article we would like to provide you with information on the preparation and follow-up phase of your training to the new evenito version and support you in the onboarding process in the best possible way. support you in the onboarding process.

Prior to training

Now that our sales colleagues have already picked up our Customer Success team for your event the first step we would like to schedule a call with you of about 15 minutes. in which we briefly discuss your requirements once again and compare the information we have and compare the information we have so far;

In the second step, we would like to plan the setup and onboarding with you. The training will take about 2 hours. We would be happy to discuss this with you in advance. together to find a date.

In this article you can find more information on how an implementation at evenito works.

After our preliminary discussion, we will send you the checklist for the training. to you. However, you are welcome to take a look at it now. Download HERE.

We kindly ask you to send us the mentioned information at least 2 days before our 2 days before our training, so that we can prepare ourselves in the best possible way.

After the training

We hope you enjoyed the training as much as we did? We are always happy to have an interactive exchange.

After the training, we will send you a separate e-mail with an individual summary (documentation) of the topics discussed. (documentation) of the discussed topics with further hints. to. 

If you have any questions or open points, please feel free to collect them so that we can include them in our Q&A-Call, which we usually schedule about 1 week after the training. about 1 week after the training.

Please find some additional information on top of that:

Verify email domain and landing page subdomain

From experience, the verification of the email domain and URL often takesmore time. You should not lose sight of this with regard to your planning and timeline. lose sight of.

You can also find more information in the articles below:

Access data to evenito

After the training we will send you the access data for the evenito version. Please then go to app.evenito.com and uses this data to log you into the tool.

Please make sure that you enter the email address and password exactly as we have and that there is no space before or after the data. the respective data.

After logging in, you can change your password in the top right-hand corner of your personal user profile. in your personal user profile. You can find further information in this article. Would you like to add more evenito users to your organisation? Then follow this article.


On our knowledge base all functions of the evenito software are described. We maintain these articles intensively so that the information is always up to date. Simply use the search field and enter your question or a keyword.

Can't find the answer to your question in the knowledge base? Then you can you can fill in our contact form on this page. Click in the top right-hand corner on "Submit enquiry". This will open form will open, in which you can enter all the relevant information about your about your request.

You can also find more information on the topic of support HERE.

Release News & digital Coffee Break

You can find the latest features in our tool in the Release News (Please log in with the evenito access data we sent you after the training). after the training). Click on "Follow" to subscribe and be notified as soon as there is news. This way you will always be up to date.

In addition, we present our latest features to you once a month in our Coffee Break. For the short webinar you can sign up HERE register. There is always room for general questions here too.

We wish you happy testing and installation. If you have any questions that you cannot the knowledge base yourself, we will of course be happy to help you. there for you.

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