How do I appoint a moderator for Jitsi?


You would like to determine your moderator(s) or speaker(s) in the next step? In this article, we will show you how to do this and which rights a moderator has. This also applies analogously to the implementation of of a Few-to-Many-Meeting with Jisti.

How do I set a moderator?

First create your reference(s) and moderator(s) as such in the menu item Contacts. In the following article, we will show you how to set a contact

The following contact information field is unavoidable for connect:

  • Email address

If you also want your actors to be listed in the programme overview on connect and the website as well as underneath the stream, you can also create a in the menu item "Speakers".

Please note!

Currently the tabs "Contacts" and "Speakers" are not yet linked to each other. This means that if you add an instructor profile, this actor will not be is not automatically transferred to the contact overview.

After you have entered the Basic Settings of the Event Centre the enable function stream as well as under the menu item Programme your corresponding Agenda the next step is to go to the Stream menu item and set the to create the corresponding stream (many-to-many).

Now move the mouse over the stream you have set up in the overview and click on the pencil icon. The editing mask opens.


On the right-hand side is the "Presenters" section. To connect your speaker(s) and moderator(s) to this stream, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Click on the dropdown and select the relevant contacts.
  • Option 2: Enter e.g. the (first-)name of the contact. For example, enter the (first) name by simply clicking on the field. This way you can search for your contacts if there is already a larger number in your contact list.

Moderator rights

Follow-me for all individuals

Each moderator has the option to activate the follow-me function for themselves. Once activated, the follow-me moderator can control the view for everyone else in the meeting. For example, if the follow-me moderator fixes a participant, so that it is displayed almost in its entirety, all the other participants will also be focused. In this way, the view of the follow-me moderator is always adopted for all participants. is always adopted for all participants;

To save this setting, the person leading through the event (follow-me moderator) first clicks on the three dots in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and then click on "Settings".


Another window opens. Here you need to switch to the "More" tab and activate the checkbox in front of "Follow-me for all persons". By confirming with "OK", the settings are applied.


Please note!

Participants can still change the view themselves, for example, by selecting a different participant tile.



Mute all participants & turn off cameras

You would like all participants to be muted in one fell swoop and also switch off the cameras? To do this, move the mouse over a participant tile and click on the three dots. In the pop-up window that opens you can activate the functions "Mute all others" and "Switch off all other cameras".  

Please note!

Once you have muted the participants or deactivated the cameras, you cannot change this setting back. The participants can mute themselves and switch on the camera.


Allocate moderation rights

You also want to give moderator rights to a participant? Then hover again over the title of the corresponding contact and click on the three dots. Now select the function "Assign moderator rights" and confirm the system question "Do you really want to give moderator rights to this person" with "Yes";


Once you have given moderator rights to a participant, you cannot undo this action.

Remove participant

You can use the "Eject" function to remove individual participants from your meeting. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the desired person, click on the three dots and confirm the action.

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