Setting up a Few-to-Many stream in evenito - tips, tricks & pitfalls


You have chosen a Few-to-Many stream for your virtual event. In this article, we would like to show you important tips on preparation, implementation and follow-up, implementation and follow-up.



Below you will find important recommendations and settings options for the best user experience:

  • Wait until all your speakers/moderators are in the Jisti session. We recommend that there is more than one person (presenter/speaker) in the room from which you are streaming.
  • Go to the settings by first moving your mouse pointer over the video image. Click in the navigation bar that now appears Vollbild_17_05_21__11_47.jpg at the bottom of the picture on the 3 dots Vollbild_17_05_21__12_08.jpg and then click on "Settings". In the window that now opens, select the following select the 3rd tab "More" and activate the function "Follow-me for all persons".
    This way, your participants will now see everything you see.
    You can also find more information on the topic of "Follow me" in this article.
  • Make sure you are not muted and that you are using the right camera.
  • Then click on "Go Live" above the meeting.evenito_connect_platform.jpg
  • Wait for the audio announcement "Live streaming has started". This announcement is heard by all actors present in the room.
  • After the audio message has faded away, let approx. 3-5 seconds pass and then begin to speak. This way you ensure that the beginning of your introductory words is not cut off.

Note about video quality:

For example, you want to do a test run and you are alone in the meeting room. After you have clicked on "Go live", however, the transmitted image is picture is displayed in low quality.

In the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, click again on the 3 dots Vollbild_17_05_21__12_08.jpg Click on the "Settings" tab and activate the checkbox in front of the "Follow-me for all people" option.

Then return to the video image and click on the 2nd icon from the right in the navigation bar Vollbild_17_05_21__11_47.jpg to change the view marginally. With the help of this function, you can otherwise switch to the tile view if there are several actors.

If you follow this sequence of steps, the quality of the transmitted stream will improve.


The Few-to-Many function is designed to allow multiple presenters/participants to be in the streaming meeting. Should you only have one moderator/speaker, check out the classic one-to-many livestream from a provider such as YouTube or Vimeo.

During your Few-to-Many live stream

Delaying the live stream

Your live stream will have a regular delay of about 15 seconds.

Neither your participants nor your moderators/speakers will notice this delay. Your speakers and presenters will interact with each other within the room, but they will not see the embedded livestream on evenito connect. Your participants only see the embedded livestream and communicate via the chat.

Screen sharing

For a good viewer experience when presenting, we recommend that you share only a specific window and not the entire screen.

Open the presentation or video in a new window (e.g. in an incognito window). If you open the window while you are already streaming, switch to full screen mode so that your participants do not see your other tabs.
Finally, click on "Share screen". Vollbild_17_05_21__19_37.jpg (3rd icon from the left) and select the "Window" tab in the window that opens. Click on your presentation in full screen mode. Confirm your selection with "Share".


Please note that this window will also be displayed if you leave the full screen mode of your presentation.

Additional note:

When you share your screen, we recommend that you do not turn on the sharing user's camera. Unless this has been thoroughly tested in advance and both the computer and the internet connection are designed to do so.


Finish the Few-to-Many meeting.

Wait at least 15 seconds before clicking "go offline". Background for this is the previously mentioned delay of approx. 15 seconds. Otherwise the last part of the stream will be cut off.

Please note:

Don't forget to go offline. Otherwise you will incur unnecessary streaming hours in an empty room.

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