Add a new booth type

With this function you can add booths, e.g. to present different partners, sponsors or products. You decide what the types are called and how many you need for your online or hybrid event in combination with evenito connect. You can add several stands per stand type later on.

Enable booth feature

To use the stands function, first activate it in the Event Centre in the Basic Settings

At the moment, stands can only be displayed. on the virtual platform

Add a new booth type

Add new booths or manage existing ones in the "booth" menu tab by clicking on the cogwheel mceclip0.png at the top right corner. 

Notification_Center.pngNow you can, for example, rename the first stand type to "Sponsors" or add more. For the latter, enter the name under "Add item".

Behind the category name you can then use the drop-down menu Vollbild_04_06_21__11_32.jpg to select a suitable icon. This will be displayed above the stand name in the navigation on the virtual platform connect.

You want to delete a type or adjust the arrangement of the stands via drag-and-drop? Move the mouse pointer over the free space behind the dropdown of the booth icon. Immediately the following icons will appear:mceclip1.png.

Click on "Save & close" to return to the overview. 

Next step: Add stands to stand type.

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