How do I add a stream or schedule to a booth?


You already have your booth type and set it up with one or more booths such as company profiles, sponsors or products. Now you would like to link a stream or schedule item to your individual booths.

Edit booth

First select the desired booth type in the top left corner by clicking on the correct tab.

This note applies if you have created several stand types.

In the overview of the booths you have set up, select the one you want to edit. To do this, move the mouse pointer over this booth so that the editing bar appears on the right-hand side. By clicking the pencil symbol the mask of the booth opens: 


In addition to the information that you have already defined when you create you can also link streams and schedule items on the right-hand side.  

Add a stream to a booth

At this point you are presented with two options: 

  • You can either link an existing stream to your stand, by selecting it in the dropdown menu.
  • Or you can create a new stream. Click on the plus sign in the in the upper right corner of this area and then proceed as described in the article How do I set up a stream in evenito? before. Then select your newly set up stream in the dropdown.

Please note: When setting up a new stream for the booth, selecting a schedule item is optional. A One-to-Many or or Few-to-Many stream or a Many-to-Many meeting, which you only want to connect with your booth, does not necessarily have to be listed in the connect schedule overview. 

Deposit one or more schedule items 

Furthermore, you have the option of adding schedule items in addition to the information already stored. If one of your sponsors will also be a speaker or will one of your products be demonstrated, for example, in schedule item 2? Then link exactly this/these programme item(s) with your respective booth.

Please note:The schedule items must already have been set up in the menu item "Schedule" and can be selected in the dropdown. 

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