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This article describes the options you can use to check in or check out a participant in the app. It also describes other functions such as the quick check-in. Before using the app, we recommend you to read the information in the article requirements and preparations.

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Settings "mceclip0.png"

To open the settings, click on the cogwheel in the top-right corner. 


In the first part you can see with which user you are logged in. Here you can log out again.

Important information about logging out

Before logging out, please make sure that your data is synchronised with evenito. When logging out, all locally stored data will be deleted and cannot be restored.


If you are registered with different organisations, you can change them in the settings. Under "EVENTS" all events of the organisation are listed. 

As soon as the Quick Check-in/-out is activated, each contact, whose QR code has been scanned in automatically. So you don't have to click on "Check-in" or "Check-out".


Guest list "mceclip1.png"


The guest list shows all contacts of the event. The first number at the top right (here 0), always shows you how many contacts have already checked in or are on are on site. The second number (here 5) shows the number of contacts in the event (no matter whether checked in or out). By means of the following symbols, you can see at first important details about the contact at first glance:

Log-in status: 

  • mceclip6.png = Logged in (On the screenshot e.g. Jasmin Jürgensen).
  • mceclip7.png = Logged off (On the screenshot e.g. May Müller)
  • No symbol = Pending, i.e. neither logged off nor logged on (On the screenshot e.g. Petra Meier). 

Check-in status: 

  • mceclip8.png = Neither checked in nor checked out. 
  • mceclip9.png = Checked in (The contact is on site). 
  • mceclip10.png = Checked out (The contact has left the location). Displayed if the check-out function is used.  

Adjust check-in status directly in the list

You can click directly on the check-in icons in the guest list overview. Here's what happens: 

  • Click on the white icon: Contact will be checked in
  • Click on the green icon: contact is checked in and will be checked out
  • Click on the blue icon: contact is checked out and is checked in

Additional details on the guest list per contact: 

  • First & Last Name
  • Company
  • Group(s)

At the bottom under "Search contacts" you can search the list. You can either search for a part of the first or last name, the whole first or last name, or both. You can also search for companies.

Click on a contact to see more details:


On the detailed view you can also see the token and the e-mail address of the contact. You can also check in or check out the contact by clicking the button at the bottom.

QR code scanner "mceclip2.png"

Do you have your participants email the QR code with their tokens? Then you can use the QR code scanner to check in the participants even faster and check-in even faster and avoid confusion. By clicking on "mceclip2.png" the camera will open automatically. Then you can scan the QR codes of the contacts and the app will directly show you the details of the contact: 


Now you can check the data such as the registration status or the group and check the contact in or out using the button at the bottom right. Under Details you can access further details about the participant.

To scan the next QR code, all you have to do is point the camera at it. The new contact will then be loaded automatically;

If you have activated the quick check-in/out in the settings, not only is the contact called up, but the following action is directly executed: 

  • Neutral participants are checked in directly
  • Checked-in participants are checked out directly
  • Checked-out participants are checked in directly

The following information at the top of the contact always confirms the current status of the contact status (After the action) of the contact, which is "checked out" here:


The number next to the status shows how many contacts are checked in. In this case, one out of a total of five contacts is checked in and therefore on site. 





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