Welcome Box


Create a personalised welcome for your guests and allow them to deregister directly from your event or to open the registration form with one click. 

Depending on whether your event is public or private, the structure of the welcome box varies:

  • In the case of a private event, where the entry of a token is required, the logout button is also displayed next to the log in button.
  • For an event where the registration form on your website is publicly accessible, the "Logout" button is left out. 

To display the box on your website, activate the checkbox behind "Welcome box". In the mask that opens, the following editing options are now available to you:

  • Enter a description text and, for example, vary the font size, set links or add documents.
  • Define the name of the login and logout buttons.


When a contact clicks on "Decline", the corresponding system notification is automatically displayed and the unsubscribe confirmation (e-mail) is triggered. The basic requirement is that you have set it up under Messages. How to customise the text for the system notification is described HERE. In parallel, the status of this contact in the contact list will be marked as "Logged out".

If a contact wants to participate in your event and clicks on "Register", the registration form you have set up will be opened. How to request the corresponding contact information and additional questions is described later in this article. 

Please note: Personalised addressing via a placeholder is not yet possible.

Next step: Set up the personal information

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